About Lives Soon Forgotten-Who Will You Remember?


Who Will You Remember?

Who will you remember?

It is my goal to remember the millions of everyday people that with out these, our memories, they would have never existed.

Have you ever lost someone special, a parent, grandparent, brother, sister, partner, husband , wife, child, friend or anyone that was a part of your life that left an empty space in your life and an ache in your heart? Some people go through this life without enduring many losses. I have had many losses and have endured the pain of missing someone special in my life.

I learned early on that you don’t have to be old to die or be killed. To many of the special people were just regular everyday people that most won’t miss after the obituary is faded in your family Bible or special place. I realized that the only memory of these people is in our memories and when we are gone, they are “Forgotten Forever”. I decided that they deserve more than that!

I spent years working on a family tree and visited many cemeteries. Some are interesting with ornate head stones and some with almost no markings. I managed to collect a lot of names and dates, but knew absolutely nothing about the individuals. Who they were and what kind of person they were. Famous people have big head stones and grave markers and have had much written about them. This site is not dedicated to them, but to the thousands of people that were important to us and live only in our memories. Recently, in making this site, I have been looking at boxes of photos. I love taking pictures, and I realized that no one will know anything about the people in the pictures after I am gone. Looking at the photos of all of the special people that have been in my life, it has brought tears to my eyes and aches in my heart remembering these beautiful souls. So, I have made it my mission to make a place where we can remember these people and honor them by writing something about them while they exist in our memories and in our photos.

I grew up in the Christian faith and heard a lot about Heaven and Hell. The more that I see what happens in this world, I see that some people’s Hell is here and now! I can’t imagine the pain, suffering and heart break that some must endure on this earth. I don’t care what faith anyone practices they all are human beings and deserve love and respect. Therefore, I have made it my mission to help everyone remember their loved ones, friends, family, little angels, fallen heroes and to give their souls a voice. Don’t let funerals be the end of that persons memory and the head stone be their only memory. You can do something about it. I see  many of you posting little blogs on Facebook mixed in with all of the other blogs about special people in your lives that you are missing. Here is a place that is specifically dedicated to remembering those people. It is not difficult and will only take you a short time. Just sit down in a quiet place and think about you time with these people and what made that time and person special to you. What you want remembered about them and why you think they should be remembered. I ask each and everyone of you, while you can, put your memories and photos into this project and honor the people that have made a difference in you lives! This is your opportunity, so do it for them and also for yourself!

Please write to me and tell me your feelings too.


Edward Billington


Please, register, become a member now and post your story to Remember Someone, limit it to around 500 words or less, attach a photo and publish it for your Someone to Be Remembered!


Let me hear from YOU!

Edward Billington

I asked GOD, “Are You There or Are You Here”?  ” My Child Never Worry, Where Ever You Are, I Am There With You. Seeing Through Your Eyes, Understanding Every Thought, Feeling Every Joy, Every Sorrow And Answering Every Question” If You, “Live In Silence, You Will Hear The Universe Speak”! Remember And Share Your Love With All The Special Lives That You Have Known!  They Are Waiting For YOU! EB