Remembering Esau

Francisco 3EsauEsau gomezESAU GOMES NUNES was a very special person. He was from Chiapas, Mexico. He was trying so hard to get ahead in life. He left behind a family in Mexico, including his mother, an ex- wife and two daughters. He loved his family.
He was one of four brothers and was a hard worker. His father had been murdered a few years ago in Chiapas. He was always trying to take care of his mother and children, sending them money as often as he could. I know that there were times when he was sad and lonely. He became my friend and helped me accomplish many projects around my home. I really enjoyed having him around. He was pleasant and fun to be with. He had a good sense of humor and was not afraid of hard work. He tried hard to please his family. I know that he did without things in order to help them. We spent many fun times doing things together. There are many things around my home that will always  remind me of him. I see his presence there everyday. He is missed greatly!
Esau’s life was cut very short. He drowned in our pool while I was at work in August 2007. He was only twenty-six years old. He was way too young to die and had so much life to live. He was one of these special people that should always be remembered. He died in another country far from home and family that he loved. His friendship will always be remembered. Wherever  you are Esau, you are remembered!  REMEMBERING ESAU……