Remembering Greg

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Remembering Greg:
Gregory Lawrence Bez is someone who should never be forgotten!. What a beautiful person and soul. The few joyous years we shared were a lifetime in a short time. Greg was gregarious and never met a stranger. Everyone wanted to know Greg. He was fun loving, but enjoyed knowing about the serious side of life. Greg was not afraid to try everything and respected others who had something to share with him. He love home and all it offered and enjoy working and travel. He was one of four brothers who endured a rather domineering mother and an estranged father. He was on his own for several years, even though he was young. He did modelling, acting, contruction and real estate. Greg also enjoyed a good party. He was movie star quality and everyone wanted to enjoy being with him. He was such a unique soul, my life would not be fulfilled without trying to put out some remembrance of him. Those of you who did not have the chance personally, perhaps your paths may cross somewhere in the universe. If you get the opportunity, Do Not Miss It!! Greg left us on July 12, 1987 at 31 years old. He is forever missed, but NEVER FORGOTTEN!!