Remembering James Lynn

Jimmy & ArchieRemembering James Lynn Billington…Seventy Years Ago, June 24,1944, Eighteen days after the Invasion of Normandy. James’s P-38 fighter plane was shot down over San Lo, France and he was killed. His parachute landed him in a tree outside a Catholic Church where he died. Today there is a plaque outside that church remembering him and his heroism. James was twenty-one years old, married and an expectant father. He joined the thousands of Young Americans who sacrificed their lives to protect our freedom against the Nazis. James, “Jimmy”, was a young man from Kentucky and was moved to Florida during the Depression with his family. He was a bright and intelligent young man and was able to earn entrance into West Point Military Academy, where he became a cadet. After schooling at the Academy, Lt. Billington, joined the Army Air Corp and became a fighter pilot. He was determined to serve his country like thousands of others during World War II. Jimmy had six sisters and a baby brother. I was the baby brother. I don’t even remember Jimmy. as I was a baby, when he was killed. He, like so many thousands of other deserve to Be Remembered! His wife Pamela and his daughter Lynn are both deceased.This is why while I am living, I want to have his life remembered. He is my brother that I would like to have known! James’s soul is resting at the small National Military Cemetery in St. Augustine, Florida, a long with many other precious souls. Let us remember them! Remembering James Lynn…..“A FALLEN HERO”